Welcome into the “Railey” Project

My name is Olivier F. aka Railey. I’m keen on everything about Freedom, Free-riding and Board-Riding.
The “Railey” is a famous powerful Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding freestyle air move. “Railey” has become my Rider’s & DJ nickname over the las years. I live, train and ride in South of France. But, for the moment … I’ve chose to privilege riding experience over nightlife.

What’s The reason why I created this site ? … just because i consider that Freedom and Happiness are so much powerful when we gives ourself opportunities to share it. For me that’s what Action Sports and specifically Board Riding is all about !!! Because it includes all these awesome human feelings : Freedom, Happiness, Feeling connected with other people, Freeriding, Feeling Free and balanced, uniting the Body and mind

In my lifestyle & loved tools section, I’ll try to deal with this duality of feeling between materialist-gear-oriented and freedom-surfers-spirit … in a way that most of the riders out there have always experienced.

To begin with, I want to share a positive message with you, it’s all coming as a pack  :

Here is the FOCUS link to my Latest HOT NEWS :
Awesome kiteboarding actions are waiting there for you !

In 2014 Olivier and LoLo organized Kiteboarding Testing Sessions on the beach !!!

I’ll put some pedagogical posts into this site about all Sports I’m a bit experienced in … I’ll write some Tip’s and Tricks sections with a selection of the best videos and advices you can find on the web … after, get introduced, you can watch my selection of the best PRO RIDERS VIDEO PROJECTS !

Finally, I want to share my vision of  how I think about fitness for board-riding. For me Fitness, Streching, Physical training and preparation for ACTION, is the key point to enjoy 100% of every session … and above all avoid accidents and physical injuries.

PS : If you want to know anything about the Kite, Wake, Sk8 spots, and Action spots events in the French Mediterranean region. That’s where I leave : the french riviera, so I’d be glad to answer my best to any question about subjects on any article in here.

Wishing you good waves, winds, and nice sessions riding your favorite boards !

Olivier Railey

PS : Feel Free to comment this article just in the window below and to like my facebook page … it’s always good and awesome to receive any feedback comments from anywhere in the world.


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